Wednesday, June 3, 2009

a new tune "Jason Mraz"

A new tune which really caught my ear lately:

Artist : Jason Mraz
Genre: Pop
Album: We sing, we dance, we steal things

1. Make it Mine
2. I'm Yours
3. Lucky featuring Colbie Caillat
4. Butterfly
5. Live High
6. Love for a Child
7. Details In Fabric w/James Morrison
8. Coyotes
9. Only Human
10. The Dynamo of Volition
11. If It Kills Me
12. A Beautiful Mess

This is one ablum which a Repeat button on the music player was made for :] the melody of accoustic guitar and slow tunes with a bit of upbeat like Make it mine is really juz wonderful. Keeps up day feeling all Peachy... Lolz... wat a way to put it.

But really, its a nice ablum to listen to through out the day. Recommended for ppl who really wana juz chill or kickback & relax. It could be a bowl of hot soup for those who seek relief mentally...Lolz... If ur going through stress dat is... :]

Check out his songs... ;] its absolutely beautiful.

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Never thought i would post this. But sad to say, I'm timeless.
Time is precious & i'm running out of it day by day.

Thought i could do lots of things starting or this new year...
but my time seems to be choke up with college, work, sports & church ministry.

Not to say i had to do them... but it leaves me breathless & tired.
& one of those lots of stuff planned to do was start a blog & actually
write BLOGS! but i guess if time permits me... i will do so ;o/

"Oh WELL" =) God bless!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Hey~! Welcome fellow viewers.
Young & Old ~ Old & New...
To the launching my blogspot.
Hope to write something
Interesting & Fresh
to brighten up your day.
God bless!